The new Album

About us

JstMsc are two young producers from Germany who worked over the past two years in the studio to find and establish their own sound and signature. With their first EP "Dying", they have created a storytelling sound mixed with a lot of dark emotions and made it available as free download for the people. Back to back followed by the remix of Niki&TheDove's "Ease My Mind" which gained JstMsc a lot of support by other deejays and followers. Their debut album "Leaving This Behind" is a perfect blend of progressive and emotional deep house, the songs each have been created piece by piece, but always stayed on track to put the listener into a certain mood.

The Album

  • 01.Sunset
  • 02.Monster
  • 03.Aurora
  • 04.Rave'n Roll
  • 05.Neckbreaker (Album Edit)
  • 06.Modular
  • 07.Blockbuster
  • 08.Galaxy (feat. Reora)
  • 09.Shelter